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About Universal Pilates

Internationally recognized certificate

Universal Pilates SystemEducational Training Organization of Technical Professionals included in the Pilates Method Alliance's Registry of School (PMA) and managed by Javier Bseiso. He is the only instructor in Spain to have obtained Gold Certification from the PMA™ ( PMA™ Pioneer )

It presents a systematic program of education where the precision and the clarity are key for the education and compression of the method.

Universal Pilates System® is based on the scientific principle that mind and body are inextricably linked and sentenced to obtain a healthy life, happy and balanced.


About us


The principle or “belief” that the movement heals and that the quality of human life is appreciably better when the physical training and mental conditions of the person are optimal and balanced, but do not arise , more than the pure experience during these last years of all the professionals involved in the field of health and the well-being.

Universal Pilates System® teaching, is based on an comprehensive and illuminating for the teacher, in a systematic and progressive program within the framework of the classic Pilates, updated with the advances and investigations that have experimented with the passage of the years. Specially when use at therapeutic and preventive. Guiding the student in a simple way and obtaining the maximum return on their abilities.

The Program of Universal Pilates System® is based on knowledge of the discipline that his creator taught for more than half century, including all the apparatuses and the work in Mat like a whole. Emphasizing the corporal analysis of each person for the adjustment of the design of a customized program.

The main objective being to train professionals and to give the necessary resources to teach clients in a precise, clear and effective way.


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