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Teacher Training

Pilates teacher training course

Universal Pilates System® teaching, is based on an comprehensive and illuminating for the teacher, in a systematic and progressive program within the framework of the classic Pilates, updated with the advances and investigations that have experimented with the passage of the years. Specially when use at therapeutic and preventive.

Universal Pilates System® program is based on knowledge of the discipline that his creator taught for more than half century, including all the apparatuses and the work in Mat like a whole. Emphasizing the corporal analysis of each person for the adjustment of the design of a customized program.

The main objective being to train professionals and to give the necessary resources to teach clients in a precise, clear and effective way.

UPS® program closely follows the standards set by international regulator organism of Pilates Education, PMA.


The educational program, guide students in a simple way, obtaining the maximum possible yield of their capacities.
Instructors are prepared in the entire method, including the ground work or Mat and integrating it to the one of machines. Our intention is not other than to form professionals with the full knowledge of Pilates, ascending by the different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), each one of which includes exercise of Mat, Reformer and rest of apparatuses (Individual Needs), of that level. In addition, it is emphasized in the corporal analysis of each person for the adjustment of the design of an individualized program.

The complete formation accounts with practices hours, where future teachers apply the theoretical knowledge to real clients. Once passed the advanced examination it will be possible to take the Final Examination where you will obtain the Universal Pilates System® Certificate. This Certificate is unique and includes all the levels, being the only exception the one of Mat (that can be attended independently).


  1. Understand and integrate the bases of the anatomical movement thus to understand the focus of the exercises (Basic Principles).
  2. Transmit the essence of the method for a correct execution (instruction).
  3. Work from a global and balanced preparation, understanding the functions and the objectives of each exercise (classes design and programming).
  4. Knowing the posturology anatomy (postural correction, postural analysis and personalization of training).
  5. Precision, Technique and corporal reading are the foundation of a Universal Pilates Teacher.



  • Dominate the vast repertoire of Universal Pilates exercises.
  • Create and teach attractive and varied classes that contributes results.
  • Design effective and motivating  training plans.
  • Adapt the sessions to the necessities of each client type.
  • Correct effectively in a verbal and tactile way.
  • Improve and internalize  individual practice.
  • Use different resources and applicable materials in the classes.

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