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Continuing Education


Universal Pilates System present our specific continuous education workshops that will be given to complete the acquired training, reinforcing and increasing your knowledge about the Method.

These wokshops are essential for recycling and to maintain a good teaching quality.


Prenatal Pilates

Guidelines, precautions and possible targets in Pilates for pregnant clients sessions are given for each three months period of pregnancy.

First unit is six hours long.

At the end of the seminar, the pupil will understand biomechanical and musculoskeletal changes that happen during gestation, and will learn to adapt Pilates exercises so as our clients receive a successful and practice.




Pilates with Props

It is six hours long and it’s extremely important in current Pilates. Using little accessories or “props” in Pilates (magic circle, fitball, softball, elastic band, foam roller…) will stimulate working with propriopceptive system, achieving a more conscious experience of our body, statically and in movement.

By including props in our Pilates sessions we will be able to suggest new challenges to our clients, deepen in the method’s fundamental principles development, and making much more interesting and enjoyable sessions.

Seminar is focused in general requirements of beginner clients, always taking into account Universal Pilates’ basic principles and  then an evolution of these principles will be developed considering the benefits that using different props can provide.

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Pilates for Seniors

Pilates method provides to this population segment enough tools in order to keep fit in a safe environment.


Pilates for Men

 Men have special physical features that make their training requirements are, in several ways, different from women ones.

A lot of them have limited stretching, unused postural musculature and the pelvic floor weakened, all of them factors which can lead to get injuried.


Pilates for Children

Lately it is very common to hear about “Postural Reeducation”, which evidences that our body’s previous education was not adequate to face our daily life charges. It is a basic problem.

Therefore, if when we are children we learn at physical and mental level to develop healthy habits the same we are taught reading, writing or being polite, our body would suffer from less “self-aggressions“ and our worsening would be considerably smaller, providing a better quality of life.


Pilates para niños

Pilates for Back pain

Pilates Method can be very useful for people who suffer from back pain, if this Method is used correctly. The targets of this seminar are understanding the different problems related with spinal column and learning to apply safe and effective programs focused on its improving.

To that effect muscle and mechanical systems involved in central stabilization we be studied, so as more common problems related with back, among others:

  • Chronic pain.
  • Hernias.
  • Curvatures.
  • Spine osteoporosis.

Pupil also will learn to design specific programs for each problem. Programs have different steps: The first one, to remove pain; then another one with aided work and finally working with resistance.


Massage and manipulation techniques for Pilates instructors

A good tactile training and to be able to apply some massage techniques to our clients make Pilates lessons more complete and enriching.

Learning from other disciplines is to enrich oneself with innovation.


Pilates for Golf

Golf is an activity which daily gain more supporters and requires an specific training and maintenance for improving our playing technique and to prevent injuries derived from its practice.

Pilates for golf player is based on the biomechanical of the game and on the study of more  common injury causes, designing specific programs focused on solve these problems and to improve the game itself.



Pathologies & Pilates



  • To be a health professional.
  • 2 years time as Pilates teacher.
  • To have an international PMA’s certification.

In this seminar we will study –among others- these pathologies:

  • Osteoporosis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Special children.
  • Pilates in wheel chair.


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