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Pilates can work miracles, especially when you engage your Pelvic Floor.

And our free Pilates app is filled with energising online Pilates workouts and Pelvic Floor exercises that will transform your mind and body. Build strength, improve flexibility and boost your confidence; it's time to harness the power of U.

Linsey Lunny

'I love the feel-good factor I get after each live class'

Linsey Lunny

Jane McManus

'A pelvic floor app perfect for strengthening and toning'

Jane McManus

Joss Barker

'Online Pilates classes I can fit into my schedule of kids and work'

Joss Barker

Georgia Hooker

'My lower back pain is gone and my posture is much better'

Georgia Hooker

Sarah Dewey

'Pilates videos online whenever I need them, it’s perfect!'

Sarah Dewey

Natalie Evans

'I practiced pelvic floor exercises throughout my pregnancy and had a great labour and my recovery was amazing!'

Natalie Evans

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